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A Ninja Trick for Setting Dates in MyMusicStaff


There’s always a little rush when a new student enrolls in your music studio, but doing the initial setup can sometimes be a little….well, tedious.

While we can’t help you with the name, address and phone number details of the families that you need for your records, we did speed up the process in one particular field.

While it is optional to include a birthdate, we saw a terrific opportunity to make it faster, especially for adult students with birthdays several decades in the past. We made it easy to do, but you might have missed this hidden feature.

Rather than just tell you how to do it – we prepared this short video that shows you exactly how to speed up the process of entering a date inside of My Music Staff.

Next time you’re entering a birthday, remember this trick as demonstrated in the video:

  • Clicking on “February 2014” changes it to “2014”
  • Clicking again changes “2014” to “2010-2019” – now when you click on the left or right arrow, you can scroll through entire decades at a time.

This will make the process of setting dates just a little bit easier each time you do it.

Give it a try and let us know if there are any other features, big or small, that can make your experience of using My Music Staff even easier.