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Save & Continue… Releasing Updates!


One of our most requested features for the new attendance experience was released earlier this month – the Save button! While this might seem like a small change, it’s a big improvement to the workflow when taking attendance and writing lesson notes. Now, you can save your work as you go without closing the attendance page – just use the Save button! If you’re taking individual attendance within group lessons or bulk attendance for the day, you can slick Save & Continue to move from one student to the next. When you’re all finished your attendance & notes, use the Save & Exit button instead to commit your changes and return to the previous page.

Upgrades & enhancements:

  • We tweaked the way attendance is pre-selected if there are multiple “Present” options. Now “Lesson is Billable” is pre-selected.
  • Our PayPal Pro sign-up process has changed! We’ve updated the instructions on our Online Payments page under Studio Settings.
  • We disabled auto-complete for the Instrument field to prevent teacher email addresses from being added by mistake. This happened due to a Chrome bug where the Password Manager viewed the Instrument field as a username field and tried to fill in the email address.
  • We updated the width of the Teachers field when adding a new student, which displayed much wider than the other fields. We also updated the width of the message that appears if a duplicate student is detected.
  • We added back “My Music Staff” where it was missing in a sentence on the Studio Settings Online Payments page.
  • We updated the text describing the website sidebar content to clarify it appears above the Student Portal login field.
  • We updated the Zoom Personal Meeting URL field to ignore spaces at the beginning or end of the URL.

Our other fixes:

  • We fixed an error that appeared when a teacher with the “Manage Other Teacher Schedules and Students” privilege enabled tried to edit another teacher’s events.
  • We fixed an issue where teachers were receiving an error if they had the “Add/View Invoices and Accounts” privilege enabled but the “Manage Other Teacher Schedules and Students” privilege disabled.
  • We fixed the permissions for teachers with the “Take attendance” privilege enabled so they don’t have access to edit attendance in bulk through the student’s Attendance & Notes page
  • We fixed the “Allow search engines to index this page” option in the website builder, which had stopped adding the noindex meta tag to the page.
  • We fixed the “Search Invoices” filter, which was no longer returning the filtered results.
  • We fixed an error that occurred when someone saves a card to their profile that was already on file.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented a secondary parent/contact from being fully removed from the Families & Invoices page once deleted.
  • We fixed an error that was caused when checking conflict detection for an event with no teacher.
  • We fixed the tooltip that displays what attendance was taken for an event on the calendar so it shows the correct currency symbol. Previously, it was displaying $ regardless of what currency the account used.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented repertoire entries under a minute long from correctly saving the duration.
  • We fixed the Repertoire report so the Grade is included.
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