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Repertoire Lists

Track Student Repertoire and Performances

Track student repertoire and performances.

My Music Staff’s repertoire feature lets you keep tabs on what your students are learning and how well they did at past performances.

The easy-to-use repertoire feature allows you to optionally track:

  • Title
  • Composer
  • Difficulty
  • Genre
  • Date Started
  • Date Finished
  • Length
  • Your own notes

Since everything is optional, you can track as much or as little information as you like. Students who log in to the Student Portal can also add and edit their own repertoire (the more they do, the less you need to). The repertoire tracker’s “Duration Calculator” makes it easy to add up the length of a recital or set. Just select two or more pieces from the repertoire list and click the Calculate Duration button. My Music Staff will add up the times of all the selected pieces.

Track Performances Too

In addition to tracking the music your students are learning, you can also track any performances of those pieces. My Music Staff lets you record the date, location and optional grade of each performance.

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