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Manage Multiple Music Teachers

Yes, you can even manage multiple-teachers!

Multi-Teacher Studio Support - My Music Staff

With My Music Staff, if your studio grows, you can easily add additional teacher accounts. Just change your plan to one with multiple teachers, and we’ll instantly upgrade your account with all the features you need to manage your growing business.

If you’re starting a new free trial account, select the “I have a studio with several teachers” option and you’ll start with all the multi-teacher features from day one.

Individual Teacher Login Accounts

Share the love (and the work)! With My Music Staff you can let your individual teachers log in to their own accounts for attendance and scheduling. Non-admin teachers can only view and manage their own schedule, attendance and students. Administrators can manage any teacher in your studio, plus create invoices, reports and more.

Robust Billing

With My Music Staff, each student can be assigned to multiple teachers each with their own billing profile. You can charge different rates for different teachers, and even mix per-lesson billing with flat monthly rate billing on a case by case basis. When you schedule lessons, My Music Staff will automatically apply the appropriate charges for that teacher/student relationship and make invoicing a snap.

Teacher Payroll

My Music Staff makes tracking payroll in a multi-teacher studio a breeze. Just like with invoices, teacher payroll entries are automatically created when lessons are scheduled, and are connected with student attendance. Earned income from each lesson and event can be calculated based on a percentage of teacher’s revenue, or a flat hourly rate based on the number of hours taught.

Getting started with teacher payroll is quick and easy. Simply edit each teacher from the “Teachers & Administrators” page, and turn on their payroll option at the bottom of the Teacher “Details” tab.

Teacher Performance Reports

With My Music Staff’s “Billable Hours” report you can easily find out who the top performers in your studio are. My Music Staff has all the data you need at your fingertips so you can quickly see billable hours taught, billable lessons taught, total studio revenue, student retention and more!

Plus More…

All this plus more from the same interface you already know and love! You don’t need to learn a completely new system, or say goodbye to all your student and lesson data just because your business is growing. With My Music Staff to can start small (or big), and grow when you need to.

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