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Lending Library

Forgetful Students? Never Lose Another Book.

Keep track of materials that you’ve loaned to students and upload files to share.My Music Staff’s lending library feature lets you keep track of any materials that you’ve loaned to students. Keep track of books, sheet music, practice exams and anything else that your students borrow from you. Start saving time and money by keeping track of materials, and never have to say goodbye to missing books again. Once you start using My Music Staff, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Upload and Share Files Too

My Music Staff’s “Download Library” allows you to upload private files for sharing with your students. Upload recordings, documents or other anything else from your computer that you want to give to your students. Staying organized is easy, create folders to group similar material together for easy file navigation. The download library is separate from your publicly accessible My Music Staff website, so only your students can access it.

You can even restrict access to specific students, so you can upload a private lesson recording and give access only to the students you choose. It’s the perfect learning management system to complement your teaching.

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