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Getting Started with My Music Staff


So you’re ready to start running a more organized music studio, but you’re not sure how to begin. This short tutorial will show you the main concepts behind My Music Staff. Once you get the basics down, we think you’ll really appreciate the speed and simplicity with which you’ll be able to manage your studio’s day to day operation.

Step 0: (Optional) Currency and Timezone

By default My Music Staff is setup to use “$” and assumes you’re located in Easter Standard Time. If you need to change your currency, time zone or other information, you can access it all from your “Profile Settings” page (click your name at the top right corner of the screen). Use the “Region” setting to select the language and area that best describes you; My Music Staff will automatically figure out your currency based on that.

Step 1: Create Students

The first step to getting started with My Music Staff is to add your students. They’re your customer and your most important asset. My Music Staff is designed to revolve around your teaching universe, with students at the center.

Add students by clicking “Students” from the main menu, then clicking the “Add Student” button.

Step 2: Schedule Lessons

After you’ve added a few students, you can begin scheduling lessons. Visit the “Calendar” page and click the “New | New Lesson” drop-down button. This is the easiest way to schedule a private, recurring lesson for your students. My Music Staff will automatically used the student’s default lesson duration and price.

Once you become more familiar with My Music Staff, you can add Group Lessons, Recitals and other event types using the “New Event” button.

Step 3: Teach

This is the part we can’t help you with. It’s all up to you; so get out there and do what you do best!

Step 4: Attendance

After a lesson has passed, My Music Staff will ask you for the student’s attendance (it’s right on the home page when you login). For each lesson,  select if the student was present or not. My Music Staff will use this information to help generate your invoices and track make-up credits.

There are a number of different attendance options. Most of the time you’ll use “Present”, “Absent, Make-Up” and “Absent, Notice Given”. Detailed explanations of all the attendance options are provided here.

Step 5: Get paid

Now that My Music Staff has your students, lesson times and attendance, it can make your invoices in just a couple of clicks.

Select “Families and Invoices”, then select the “Invoices” tab. Click “New Invoices” and follow the instructions. You can create invoices one at a time, or choose multiple families to create them in bulk. You can also email them one at a time (or in bulk) directly from My Music Staff.

When families pay you, record those payments by clicking the “Add Payment” button on the same “Families & Invoices” page. This will automatically reduce the amount the family owes you.


In general, to get the most out of My Music Staff you want to add students, then schedule their lessons, then take attendance. My Music Staff will use that information to generate your invoices and track your income. If you do that, you don’t need to manually create charges for your students, it will be done automatically for you.



  • Christine MacKay
    July 6, 2014

    Hi. I am trialing out your program. Am I able to set specific lesson times – for example 9.10 am etc? I work in several schools and my timetables in each school are different. I really appreciate your program and hopefully it is exactly what I need. I contract to a large nationally (New Zealand) music school. So here’s hoping it is exactly what we all need! Many thanks… oh and p’s. . At midnight I sent group e.mail to some parents and one to myself through your site asking people to log on and make any corrections. My email through my phone does not show a link. Any advice please? Christine MacKay.

    • admin
      July 7, 2014

      Hi Christine! Thanks for checking out My Music Staff! By the default the time-picker is set to 15 minute increments, but you can change that in your “My Preferences” page (click your name at the top-right hand corner of the screen). You can change the “Time Picker Interval” from 15 to 5, or event 1 one minute intervals.

      Regarding email: The email client usually converts the URL into clickable hyperlinks (as long as the link begins with “http://”). Contact us directly at if you’d like us to dig into this deeper for you.

  • maureen hunt
    July 7, 2014

    I’m making my website. I need to make some corrections on my pages, add stuff etc.
    I cant find where to go to edit the pages. Thank you

    • admin
      July 8, 2014

      Hi Maureen, you can edit your web pages by doing the following:

      1. Login to your My Music Staff account
      2. Click “Website” from the main menu
      3. Select the “Pages” tab, you should see a list of all your individual pages
      4. Edit any individual page by clicking the blue “Edit” button beside it

      If you have any other questions, or need additional assistance, please contact us directly at