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Open Repeat

Hi Everyone! This week we’re happy to announce the release of one of our most requested features to date:  recurring events with no end dates. Yes, it is now possible to schedule an event indefinitely. This new feature also applies when adding charges, discounts, and mileage entries! Other notable changes: Membership receipts now format correctly …


Presto Change-o

We know your time is valuable. So this week we focused on winning some back time.  There have been some significant internal changes to make My Music Staff run faster! Specifically, larger studios should notice that loading the Home Agenda and taking attendance is a bit snappier. There will also be a noticeable improvement to …


Safe and Sound

Hey Everyone! This week we’ve spent a considerable amount of time upgrading the security to certain aspects of My Music Staff. A student and parent’s first experience with the Student Portal will also be much more user friendly. Rather than having to type in a randomly generated password, they’ll now be able to select their own password by …


Better Late Than Never

We know getting paid on time isn’t always easy. So, better late than never, we’re very excited to release one of our most requested features: automatic late fees! With this optional feature enabled, the system will automatically charge a percentage or flat fee to the Family Account the day after the invoice due date. We think …


Watch and Learn

Hi Everyone! This week we’ve revamped our video tutorials and a number of our FAQs. They will now reflect the new application look that was changed at the beginning of November. This should be a big help to any new member or existing members looking for a how-to answer! Click here to explore the new …


Season of Giving

This week we introduced our “Season of Giving” campaign for subscribed members. If you’re a subscribed My Music Staff member, you can use the “Season of Giving” link in your My Music Staff Home Agenda to tell a friend. If your friend subscribes, you both get a free month! The more you give, the more …


Coming Soon…

Hi Everyone! This week’s update is just a handful of minor fixes as we work on a few bigger projects. If you’re a subscribed member, keep an eye on your inbox for an exciting announcement later this week! We changed the word “Settings” to “Options” on the calendar toolbar to avoid confusion with your account …


One Thing Lead to Another…

Hi Everyone, this week we’re excited to roll out a major update to My Music Staff’s look and feel. We’ve made these changes carefully, so most items are exactly where you left them. We’re doing this to make room for a better mobile user experience and more options in the future. Here’s what’s new: All …


Easy To See

Hi Everyone! In this week’s update, we are continuing to improve on the mobile device experience. Take a look at our list of changes: A couple of changes when viewing the site on mobile devices: Extra padding from the left and right of the page has been removed. My Music Staff now makes better use …


Easy To Find

Hi Everyone! This week we’ve made some improvements to make certain features easier to find and more accessible for use. Take a look at this week’s changes: We’ve reorganized the placement of the “Balance Date” button of the Families & Invoices page, and the “Search” button. The “Search” button is now universally located on the …

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