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Better Late Than Never

We know getting paid on time isn’t always easy. So, better late than never, we’re very excited to release one of our most requested features: automatic late fees! With this optional feature enabled, the system will automatically charge a percentage or flat fee to the Family Account the day after the invoice due date. We think …


Leveling Up

Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the great feedback from last week’s update! Here is our list of improvements for this week: The “Next Lesson” box on the student portal now looks ahead indefinitely. The Practice time chart now ignores non-active students in the family. The “Previous Notes” panel now only looks back to notes left …


Student Portal Revamp!

Hey Everyone! We’ve made some BIG changes to the Student/Parent Portal homepage! Everything the students and parents need to know is available at a glance now.  Here’s everything that your students/parents will see from the new homepage: Next scheduled lesson Hours practiced this week Attendance within the last 90 days Last invoice (Parents ONLY) Latest …


Always Improving

Hey Everyone! This week, we’re continuing to build and improve on some of the features we’ve introduced in the past month. Here’s a full list of changes and feature improvements: If an “Inactive” student uses the Sign-Up widget to rejoin your studio, we’ll automatically reuse that student profile instead of creating a duplicate student (their …


Bold Statement

After a lot of blood, sweat, and yes….even a few tears, we’re excited to roll out the first major change to our invoices (and other reports) in over 3 years. Don’t worry, the exact same information is still displayed on your invoices, but we’ve improved the overall layout and styling. We think you’re going to …


I Agree

Hi Everyone! We’ve got a few great features involving the new student sign-up form that will help with the upcoming back to school season! We’ve added a “Policy Agreement” type to the custom Sign-Up form fields (and contact form fields). Many of you were struggling to set up your form in a way that allows …


So Long, Farewell to Duplicates

Hey Everyone! My Music Staff will now detect whether or not the student you’re entering is a duplicate. The prompt will show you the status of the student (ex. inactive) and provide a link to edit their Student Details page. This will be very helpful when dealing with a previously inactive student returning to your …


Join the Group

Hey Everyone! We have a couple new features this week to help bulk assign students to an existing group (or create a new group) and the ability to add more information to your Lending Library. From the “Students” menu, we’ve added the ability to bulk assign students to Groups from the “Tools” menu. The Lending …


Student Portal Help!

Hey Everyone! Some great new features that will be appreciated by you and your families. Take a look at this week’s changes: Families can now have multiple adult students. We’ve extended the in-app help to the Student Portal! Parents and students now have the option to click “Help” in the top-right corner to get answers to …



Hi Everyone! Today, we’re launching a new self-help tool that replaces the old popups that we were using. This allows you to quickly get the help you need from within the app! This new help system provides a number of benefits: All the FAQ information that was available on our site is now contained within …

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