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Always Improving

Hey Everyone! This week, we’re continuing to build and improve on some of the features we’ve introduced in the past month. Here’s a full list of changes and feature improvements: If an “Inactive” student uses the Sign-Up widget to rejoin your studio, we’ll automatically reuse that student profile instead of creating a duplicate student (their …


Bold Statement

After a lot of blood, sweat, and yes….even a few tears, we’re excited to roll out the first major change to our invoices (and other reports) in over 3 years. Don’t worry, the exact same information is still displayed on your invoices, but we’ve improved the overall layout and styling. We think you’re going to …


I Agree

Hi Everyone! We’ve got a few great features involving the new student sign-up form that will help with the upcoming back to school season! We’ve added a “Policy Agreement” type to the custom Sign-Up form fields (and contact form fields). Many of you were struggling to set up your form in a way that allows …


So Long, Farewell to Duplicates

Hey Everyone! My Music Staff will now detect whether or not the student you’re entering is a duplicate. The prompt will show you the status of the student (ex. inactive) and provide a link to edit their Student Details page. This will be very helpful when dealing with a previously inactive student returning to your …