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Hi everyone, My Music Staff’s student practice log is a great way for your students to keep you informed of practice time and questions that come up between lessons. But as many of you already know, students aren’t always great at staying on top of it. Fortunately, thanks to the rise of practice apps, and the …


Drum Roll Please

Hello everyone! Here’s what’s new this week: The “Posts” page has been renamed “News & Blog Posts” to more accurately reflect what that page is used for. When lessons are automatically converted to an open make-up slot (by your studio policy), if the original lesson had a specific per-student fee, that fee is no longer automatically copied …


Springing Forward

Here’s what’s new and improved this week: We’ve made two highly requested changes to the “Cancellation Policy” feature in My Music Staff: You can now limit the number of make-up credits that will be automatically issued after a certain date. For example, if you’re a studio that only issues a maximum of 2 credits per …


Don’t Miss A Beat

Hi Everyone, This week we’ve made the following changes to the “Accounts & Invoices” page: We’ve added the ability to manually mark an invoice as “Paid“. My Music Staff will continue to automatically mark invoices paid as payments come in, but if for some reason you need to override it, you can. We changed the …