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Turkey Trimmings

Hi Everyone, Here’s what new and improved this week: We added an option to jump directly to the “Family Account” from the Home page “Agenda“. This makes it easier to check the family’s account balance for teachers who don’t wish to have that information displayed directly on the homepage. If you upload photos from an iPhone/iPad …


Calendar 2.0 (Beta)

Hello Everyone, This week we’re excited to announce the “Beta” version of the new Calendar is now available in My Music Staff. If you want to try it out, use the “Switch to Calendar v2” button at the bottom of the calendar page. Below are some of the features/benefits in v2 of the calendar: New …


Custom Sign-Up Form Fields

Hi Everyone, This week we’re excited to announce that the Student Sign-Up Form (and Sign-Up Widget) can now be customized with your own form fields. The original fields are still included, but now you have the option to add additional fields to collect information about students when the sign-up for lessons at your studio. This opens …


Credit Cards in More Countries

Hello Everyone, This week we’re launching beta support for accepting credit cards with If you’re already using My Music Staff with PayPal Pro, then this doesn’t change much for you. However, if you aren’t already accepting online payments and want to get started, Stripe with My Music Staff makes it quick and easy. Stripe uses simple pricing (just …


Fall Colors

Hello Everyone, Here’s what’s new and improved this week: You can now set the “Color Mode” used in the “Student Portal” Calendar. For teachers who prefer to color code by location, this can ensure that your students see the same colors in their calendars as you do. This is a studio wide setting, and you …