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My Music Staff Review – Udy Studio Blog

Rebecca Udy is an accomplished violinist (Utah Valley Symphony), member of the Utah Music Teacher’s Association and well-regarded teacher. She has recently become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in violin. Her tech-forward approach to running her studio effectively involves the use of My Music Staff. You can read what she has to say below: Welcome …


Nuts and Bolts

Hi Everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season! We have quite a large backlog of updates for you this week. •    The student, parent and teacher name formats used throughout My Music Staff can now be adjusted from your Studio Settings page (on the Options tab). If you’d prefer to see names displays as “First …


My Music Staff Mention – Sara’s Music Studio Blog

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Sara, she is a well-established and ‘vocal’ member of the music teaching community. She regularly blogs on her own site ( and runs the Voice Teachers Community. Aside from her own blog, she has recently written for Clavier Companion and has appeared on industry podcasts, such as Tim …


Take Note

Hi Everyone! We have a variety of updates for you this week. The most notable improvements have been made to taking attendance for groups. Take a look at the full list of changes: We’ve improved attendance taking for group lessons: You can now use the “Prev” button to go back to the preceding attendance status. So …


Money in the Bank

Hello again everyone! This week we’re pleased to announce that ACH (bank transfers) are now available to everyone located in the USA using Stripe as their payment processor. Changes this week include: Separate convenience fees can now be setup for credit card and ACH payments. We’ve reworked the payment process when paying online to make the …


Watch and Learn

Hi Everyone! This week we’ve revamped our video tutorials and a number of our FAQs. They will now reflect the new application look that was changed at the beginning of November. This should be a big help to any new member or existing members looking for a how-to answer! Click here to explore the new …


Easy Upload

Hi Everyone! This week we’ve made some excellent improvements to the Media Library upload behavior and Auto Pay. Take a look at all of this week’s updates: We’ve updated the file upload feature so that you can now drag-and-drop multiple files onto the page when adding files to your website Media Library. For studios using PayPal …


My Music Staff Review – American Music Teacher

Hey Everyone! My Music Staff was recently reviewed in the Music Teachers National Association’s publication of the American Music Teacher (December/January 2016-2017). We would like to thank the MTNA for including us in the issue. We would also like to thank Sandra Bowen for taking the time explore and write about the application. I’ve been looking for …


Less Clicks = Time Saved

Hey Everyone! This week’s update includes a lot of everything. The most notable being scheduling “Make-Up Required” lessons and adding new students. Take a look at this week’s list of changes: We changed the “New Default Lesson” shortcut on the calendar so that it now has a “Make-Up Required” checkbox. This makes schedule make-up lessons …


Season of Giving

This week we introduced our “Season of Giving” campaign for subscribed members. If you’re a subscribed My Music Staff member, you can use the “Season of Giving” link in your My Music Staff Home Agenda to tell a friend. If your friend subscribes, you both get a free month! The more you give, the more …

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