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Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This week we’re introducing some changes to the calendar and student details centered around birthdays. We started by adding birthdays to the main calendar; you can now see birthdays as individual events. By default this option is enabled but it can be turned off in your Profile Settings page. We decided not to include birthdays …


Easter Holiday Hours

Notice to My Music Staff members: Our office will be closed for the Easter weekend beginning Thursday, April 17 at 5PM Eastern time. Email and telephone technical support will be unavailable during this time. We will reopen for regular business on Monday, April 21st at 9AM Eastern time. From everyone at My Music Staff, we …



You’re probably getting tired of hearing about the “Heartbleed” vulnerability that has affected many websites, but we thought it would be prudent to take a moment to discuss the issue with respect to My Music Staff. was NOT affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. My Music Staff does not use on OpenSSL (the actual software …


Email Reminders for Specific Event Types

A few weeks ago we added automatic email reminders to My Music Staff. Since then we’ve had a few member emails asking if it was possible to only send email reminders for specific types of events. For example, you may not wish to send email reminders for weekly lessons, but you may wish to send …


Calendar and Invoice Changes

Today we’ve rolled out a handful of changes to the calendar interface in an effort to improve overall readability. We’ve moved the “Calendar Tools” buttons from the right hand side of the screen to the up above the calendar. This provides the calendar with the maximum horizontal space so that it reads better (especially for …


New Options for Teachers

As part of our ongoing effort to make My Music Staff the best software for music teachers, we’ve introduced a few changes this week. Here’s what’s new: We’ve improved the “Help” pop-up for desktops/laptop users (and other large screen devices). The pop-up window is now wider and better suits the long form content. We’ve also …

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